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New Food Village at DC Mall

KUALA LUMPUR, 9 December 2021 – The DC Mall’s food village is where you can find some of the popular KL’s hawker food and Asian favourites who have been handpicked to set up shop, all in a comfortable dining space. Prices are reasonably priced and dishes are generously portioned. The new foodie haven will be officially launched and open to the public on 13th December 2021.

Vendors are handpicked to set up shop in DC Mall’s Food Village, offering everything from chicken rice and wantan noodles to Taiwanese food and the kopitiam staples of toasted bread with kaya and soft-boiled eggs. Well-liked names that have spaces include Yi Feng Wanton Mee and Char Kuey Teow from Plaza Batai.

Located on the first floor of DC Mall, the Food Village has been designed with a spacious layout and ambient lighting, making for a comfortable dining experience.  Inspired by the industrial style design, the dining space is completed with polished concrete floors and blended well with wood furnishing to create a fresh and modern industrial look.

There will be 11 stalls available at the non-halal Food Village, and operate from 10 AM – 8 PM daily.


A Korean cuisine that offers Korean lunch boxes with an assorted choices of Korean sweet & sour pork and bulgogi beef that comes with mouth-watering side dishes like Japchae and Pajeon. Apart from that, Mukja also offers Kimbap, Sundubu jjigae, & Bibimbap.

2. Yi Feng Wantan Mee & Porridge

Famous for its curry laksa, dry curry mee and wantan mee, the stall stays true to its handmade offering, to make the char siew over a charcoal fire and the silky wantans are made on the spot with minced pork. Look out for their crunchy green chilli pickles; the perfect match for the bouncy egg noodles. . If you’re feeling under the weather, at Yi Feng, you will be served with a bowl of home-cooked porridge and side dishes.

3. Yum Me Place Fried Kuey Teow

Are you missing Penang’s most famous Jalan Macalister’s Char Koey Teow? Look no further, Yum Mee Place offers their well-known Char Kuey Teow all the way from Plaza Batai, which is on par with that from the North.

4. Super Kitchen Chilli Pan Mee

Super Kitchen Chilli Pan Mee is a family restaurant that serve fresh Chilli Pan Mee since 2004. On top of Chilli Pan Mee, they also serve various scrumptious light snacks and piquant rice dishes that will definitely tantalize your taste buds.

5. Chan Kee Yong Tau Foo

Speak of Yong Tau Foo and we will immediately be catapulted to the images of a bowl of comforting soup with our preferred dishes all harmoniously combined to enhance the soup taste. With Chan Kee’s, he offers more than just a soup-based Yong Tau Foo but the dried ones with his special secret sauce too.

6. Roasted Chicken Rice

Your local most trustworthy and nothing-can-go-wrong when you are swamped with too many options at a food court. You can easily find the golden roasted chicken rice, crispy roasted pork rice or mix them both depending on your liking.

7. Thyme & Olive

Locals’ beloved western corner that offers grilled pork chop, chicken chop, and salmon fillet. The main course will be topped off with their signature sauce and complemented with selected side dishes.

8. Taiwanese Cuisine

It is hard to say no to fragrant braised minced pork served with piping hot steamed white rice. Pair that with soy-braised tofu, egg and some pickles; and you have a classic Taiwanese dish right in front of you. Try out the signature braised minced pork rice and a variety of Taiwanese snacks.

9. Coffee Bar

Offers your favourite Kopitiam drink such kopi peng, kopi-o peng, kopi cham, and many more. It gets even better when they also serve half-boiled eggs and toast bread.

For residents from the nearby vicinity, they may soon be able to drop by for a quick grocery fix at the second-largest Jaya Grocer store, opening soon in January 2022. Do stay tuned for more info on this exciting and brand new DC Mall @ Damansara Heights, coming to you in 2022.

Updates on DC Mall activities can be found on DC Mall Facebook page and Instagram